Newsletter No. 1 – March 2016

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Newsletter No. 3 – 17th March 2014

Shalom endurance riders

We are exactly one month away from the event!

As we are hitting the last stage of preparation, we kindly ask all rider to make all the arrangements for the event and please don’t wait till the last minute as it will just make our life harder!

Please make sure you read all the information below and follow the instructions!

1. We remind all riders that you can take advantage of a discounted rate for the night before the start (16th April) at the Narkis Hotel ( in Majdal Shams (150NIS for a bed in shared room including breakfast). To secure your special rate register before 10th of April here:

2. A special bus will depart on April the 16th, from Tel Aviv noontime to Hotel Narkis calling stations on route no.2. We will divide the cost among riders on board, and is estimated around 100NIS per rider. Let us know ASAP if you are interested tagging along so we can ensure enough seats are available for you and your gear. To secure your place please register at the following link

3. Tracking service to HLC participations will optionally be provided by, which will allow your close ones to monitor your progress along the path. If you own a SPOT device you can use it but if not, no worries. The local representative of SPOT is offering a SPOT rent service at a discounted rate for the duration of the HLC event. Make sure to follow this link and indicate your preference by the end of March (
Note: Registration information for trackleaders will be provided separately for those indicated interest.

4. Navigation on the HLC trail is not a simple matter, and use of a GPS device with some kind of topo map ability is highly recommended (frankly, without it you most likely will get lost rather quickly). If you do not have such a device, you may want to consider renting one from, which is offering HLC participants Twonav devices preloaded with the HLC track and topo maps.

In case you have any question with regard to navigations, Garmin GPS please visit our Facebook page we would love to answer all questions (

5. In the following link ( you will find a detailed POI (Point of Interest) list, including water and foodstuff (marked W and F in the file) refuel locations along the HLC path that was prepared by Ophir Shavit one of the HLC riders. In the file you will also find a list of bike shops (marked B) and recommended outdoor sleep locations (S). Most of the POI are on the track itself, and we provide distance between adjacent points, as well as accumulated distance to help you find them. Several points are not on the track itself, but few hundred meters up to few Km away, and in these cases specific coordinates are provided. We encourage you to review this file carefully, and in particular check distances between refuel points to make sure you are well prepared to carry enough fluid and energy to keep you going between points.

Special thanks to Ophir for creating this file! Note: if you have any suggestions regarding additional validated POI please send an email directly to Ophir at and he will be happy to add them to the file for the benefit of all riders.

6. We are happy to announce that the HLC GPS file is going to be finalized in the coming days, and will be available for you to download from

7. We are excited that Gordon Tours ( is providing us with some behind the scenes support to increase the international awarness of this event! We all know that this event is by riders to riders but having said that, it is always appreciated when additional support is handed for the benefit of the event!

8. Last but not least, Rachel Alter from Tucson Arizona has made us a lovely HLC cycling cap. If you want one please visit the FB group page or email Rachel directly at Thank you Rachel!!

See you soon!


Newsletter No.2 – 20/2/2014

Shalom from the HLC,

The clock it is ticking and we are less than 60 days before the start. It is a good time for a new newsletter for couple of reminders and updates.

1. Transportation to the start

We have secured a bus that will depart on April the 16th, from Tel Aviv noon time and will take us and the gear all the way to Hotel Narkis. Please consider this option when making your plans. We will divide the cost among riders on board, and is estimated around 100NIS for rider. Final price, pickup time and location will be available soon.

2. Overseas rider!

If you are interested – as soon as you have made your final arrangements, please send an email with arrival date and flight details to and we will do our best to assign a local rider to pick you up from the airport and arrange accommodation at riders houses.

After we introduce you with your host you will be able to contact him directly to finalize details and later head up north together to the start point (bus transport is recommended…).

3. Spot tracking

To get tracking during the event you will need two things:

1. To have a SPOT device. In case you do not have one, will offer a rent service at a discounted rate for the duration of the event (*let us know if you need one!).
2. To register for tracking on to associate your tracking device ID with the event – registration page will be available prior to the event
*Please go to and let us know your preference.

4. POI listing

We are in the process of producing a POI listing that will complement the GPS files for riders benefit. We aim to have a comprehensive list that will include; water, resupply, sleeping/accommodation options, bike repair shops etc’. More info will follow.

5. Hotel

We remind all riders that we have secured a discounted rate for the night before the start (16th April) at the Narkis Hotel ( in Majdal Shams. HLC riders will enjoy a 150NIS NIS for bed (shared room) and breakfast, which will be served especially for us at 6am.

To secure your special rate, make sure to add your name and arrival date here: Hotel
Please note we will not be able to secure this special rate if you register after the 10th of April.

6. General

We invite all riders to ask any question and to share information on our Facebook page (

And finally, now it is the best time to go out and experiment with gear and setups and find what works best for you for the challenge! Go for it.


Newsletter No.1 – 1/1/2014

Shalom from the HLC,

It is 2014 and the countdown is ticking, we want to share with you the latest updates from the HLC:

1. Starting Point

We will depart 7:00 am on April the 17th 2014, from the parking of Narkis Hotel – Majdal Shams. On the start line we will be honored by the Head of Council of Majdal Shams who will perform the final countdown and greet us on our way to Eilat.

2. Getting There

We have updated the site on the “info” page with instructions on getting to Majdal Shams via public transport from Ben-Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv. We are checking the options to organise an HLC bus from Tel-Aviv calling various stops en-route. Update will follow

3. Accomodation

We secured places at a discounted rate at Narkis Hotel ( for HLC riders. The HLC price is 150NIS for bed and breakfast, which will be served especially for us at 6am. In order to get this special price, please register on “HLC Group Reservation – Narkis Hotel” form at the “Registration” page at the HLC website.

( Hotel)

Please note that you will pay directly to the hotel during checkout. It is your responsibility to show on the date you confirmed.

We kindly ask to make your registration before the 10th of April as we need to provide the Hotel with the final list by that date.

4. Riders Evening

We strongly recommend you to arrive to Majdal Shams the evening before the start, and join us to a quick brief. Later we’ll probably head out for a drink together so don’t miss it!

5. GPS files

To make the challenge more challenging, we’ve decided to publish the final GPS files (in several popular formats) on Sunday the 13th of April. Whether you are overseas rider or local, this will level the ground and make it a bit more fair for all participants.

Happy New Year!