The HLC is an event organized by riders for riders! Its absolutely a non-profitable event and the coordinators sole purpose is to share the love of riding in our beautiful country – Israel. There are several individuals and organizations that contribute from their own time and money to make this event a success and this page is to show our thank you and appreciation for their kind support.

  1. Small-world.co.il – Small-worlds provides SPOT tracking and satellite communication services. 
  2. Twonav Israel – The Israeli experts in navigation devices, software and maps.
  3. Alon Hagalil Bike Center – Bike shop located at Alon Hagalil providing support for HLC riders. alon
  4. RocknRoad – Professional bike shop located in Latron and Ramat HaHayal providing support for HLC riders.rock
  5. Joe Alon Center – The Joe Alon Center lies right in the heart of Lahav Forest, near Kibbutz Lahav, 20 km north of the city of Beer Sheva providing facilities for the HLC riders. joe
  6. Joe’s No Flat – Joe’s No-Flats provides the bicycle market with the world’s most effective anti-puncture sealant, both latex based and latex free, with self-sealing inner tubes, tubeless conversion kits, lubricants based on the most advanced Nano Technology, bio degreasers and cleaners. Joes